Rewarding experience in student public speaking contest

Candy Chu Lam-hang, Department of Biology and Chemistry

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I was very lucky to end up as the 1st runner-up in the finals of a public speaking contest about science called Famelab held by the British Council earlier this year. I also received the Favourite Video Award in the competition.
Famelab does a great job making science more accessible by encouraging scientists aged between 19 and 35 years ol­­­­­d to inspire the public imagination with a vision of science for the 21st century.
Before the final competition, the finalists took part in a very helpful two-day intensive master class led by a team of science communication experts from Hong Kong and the UK. In the final, each finalist had to present an original 3-minute speech on any scientific topic to an audience and a panel of judges.
I took part in this competition for several reasons. First, I saw it as an excellent opportunity to train my presentation and analytical skills. In addition, I believe Famelab lets us show members of the public that science may not be as tough as they think. Rather, it can be fun and accessible for anyone.
Famelab has also been an excellent opportunity for me to meet people from different backgrounds and scientific fields. It was very rewarding to share my ideas with such a diverse range of science communicators.
Last but not least, I sincerely hope that I can inspire others to continue exploring the wonders of science in the future.​


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