Professor Kuo gives pep talk to recent graduates

Michelle Leung


The President of City University of Hong Kong addressed students at recent graduation ceremonies in Taiwan and Hong Kong.
In his speeches, Professor Way Kuo encouraged the gathered young people to prepare well for the future.
At the graduation ceremony held at Yuan Ze University in Taiwan on 9 June, he used the classic Chinese story “Yang Zhu Crying at a
Forked Road” to illustrate how decisions such as selecting academic programmes or choosing a career path have a far-reaching impact.
Once we have made our choices, there was no going back, he said, as life was not a dress rehearsal and we could not rewind back to the start.
“Life is like a marathon and we have to run it with persistence and discipline,” he said.
Professor Kuo also addressed graduation ceremonies at True Light Girls’ College, Yan Chai Hospital Lan Chi Pat Memorial Secondary School, and True Light Middle School of Hong Kong, between 6 and 14 July. He told graduates that diligence and persistence were two vital requirements for success.


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