Staying healthy when busy


Two professionals from the medical and entertainment fields discussed how to remain positive and deal with pressure despite hectic schedules at an alumni forum organised by City University of Hong Kong (CityU) on 17 April.

Dr Ko Wing-man, a specialist in orthopaedics and traumatology and a veteran in public health care, and Ms Elisa Chan Kit-ling, a prominent figure in Hong Kong’s music industry and a strong advocate for healthy living and positive life values, were the guest speakers at the forum “Journey to a Healthy Life” hosted by CityU’s Alumni Relations Office. The forum was facilitated by an alumna, Ms Annie Chiang Wai-yu.

Both speakers agreed that pressure affects health, but a positive attitude and a balanced perspective can ease the strain.

“Nowadays celebrities are concerned that their privacy may be invaded,” Ms Chan said. “I think this is all about discipline. If I understand the industry I am in, and take on the social obligations I have for society, I will choose to behave in a responsible and respectable manner. I will not be troubled by paparazzi. It would be my responsibility to deal with the pressure and conduct myself properly.”

Dr Ko added that his own pressure mainly comes from work, exploring whether medical services achieve the desired results and that crisis situations are contained in the quickest and most effective manner.

“Attitude makes the difference,” he said. “As long as I live up to my commitment and discharge my duties professionally with a dedicated heart, and acknowledge that there are still limitations to medicine, the pressure will be more easily managed.”

Maintaining a healthy state of mind, reflecting on one’s life, and finding time to do things one enjoys are essential elements to staying healthy, they said.

Professor Way Kuo, CityU President, provided an update on the development and achievements of the University for the assembled alumni at the event, such as the appointment of the new Council Chairman, two CityU scientists winning the 2011 Second Class Award in the Natural Science category by the Ministry of Education, and the recent opening of the Run Run Shaw Creative Media Centre, to mention but a few.

“I want all our graduates to be proud of the University in every way, not just in ranking but also in our services to the community, educating the next generation and being the healthiest university,” he said.

The Alumni Forum Series strengthens the bonds between the alumni and the University and among the former students themselves, and offers opportunities for alumni to gain new insights and expand their social network. Each forum attracts some 100 participants.


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