Student Project Exhibition reveals innovative ideas in science

Shirley Pang


Ever thought you could use your mobile phone to make sure you take the right bus? Considered a world where cheap devices monitor air pollution? Longed for technology to help you determine your evening meal? Visit the student project exhibition at City University of Hong Kong (CityU), where these solutions can be found.


The Student Project Exhibition is being held by the College of Science and Engineering at CityU from 21 to 22 May, displaying around 90 projects by CityU students from various disciplines and departments. The exhibition not only showcases CityU students’ creativity and applications of new technologies but also enables hundreds of secondary school students to learn about the relationship between science and our daily lives.


The projects on display were developed by undergraduates of different units within the College of Science and Engineering, including the Department of Biology and Chemistry, Department of Building and Construction, Department of Computer Science, Department of Electronic Engineering, Department of Manufacturing Engineering and Engineering Management, Department of Mathematics, Department of Physics and Materials Science, Division of Building Science and Technology, and the Co-operative Education Centre.


Most ideas address everyday needs. Student Lam Ka-ho from the Department of Computer Science developed a bus arrival predictor so bus routes can be checked anytime. “By simply inputting the destination into a mobile phone that is connected to an internet search engine and satellite global positioning system, the system will instantly provide details about the bus service, including fare, frequency, stops and the arrival time of next service. When combined with the alarm function, the system can even remind passengers to get off on time.”


Student On Ka-chi from the Department of Physics and Materials Science designed a webcam spectrometer to monitor air pollution. His invention uses cheap devices, such as a webcam, to measure atmospheric ozone and nitrogen dioxide levels, two harmful pollutants. “The webcam can be used to analyse the diffusion of colour within daylight, as ozone absorbs red light.”


Since most households get a headache deciding upon the evening meal for their families, Alice Wong Wai-yin, a student from the Department of Computer Science, developed the intelligent personalised recipe recommendation assistant. Users can simply input the preferred tastes of each family member, including, for example, the cooking methods, ingredients and taste, and the system will suggest many appropriate dishes.


Other innovative projects include an energy-generating floor design, an angle-optimising device for solar energy applications, anti-phishing tool improvements, and a multi-band hybrid for WiFi.


During the exhibition, group visits were arranged by the college for hundreds of secondary school students. Many students visiting the exhibition said they received valuable programme information to help them prepare for further studies.


Professor Henry Chung Shu-hung, Associate Dean of the College of Science and Engineering, said the college encourages students to apply what they have learned. The exhibition not only showcased the innovative ideas and practical uses of the projects, but also promoted exchange with secondary school students. The college will organise more summer activities to enable secondary school students to experience professional science education that is both interesting and of high quality. Please visit for further information.


The Student Project Exhibition is held in the Multi-purpose Rooms on Level 4 of the Amenities Building at CityU from 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm. All are welcome.


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