School of Law awards first LLB Admission Scholarships

Jenny Kwan

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The School of Law of City University of Hong Kong (CityU) held the Awards Presentation Ceremony of LLB Admission Scholarship (Admission Scholarship) on 21 October to present its first admission scholarships targeting undergraduates admitted through the Joint University Programmes Admission System (JUPAS). These scholarships demonstrate the School's outstanding intake quality and commitment to cultivating outstanding students.

The two recipients of the first-introduced Admission Scholarship were Yip Man-kit of La Salle College and Eutonia Chen Yuen-tung of St Stephen's Girls' College. Both were granted HK$50,000. Eutonia was also awarded the HK$40,000 CityU A+++ Scholarship. Both students scored outstanding Hong Kong Advanced Level (HKAL) examination results and participated in extra-curricula activities to enhance their academic knowledge and cognitive and social skills.

Professor Way Kuo, President of CityU, said, "It is an enjoyable moment having two bright young students join the CityU family with Admission Scholarships for their excellent academic achievements, matched only by their ambition to develop even further. I hope they work hard to ensure their campus life is fruitful."

Both scholarship recipients said the scholarship motivated them to focus on their studies and had helped ease their financial burden. "This scholarship has been like an injection of energy to encourage me to perform the best I can," said Eutonia.

"The scholarship motivates me to perform better and lessens the financial stress on my family," said Yip Man-kit. "My sister and I are able to dedicate ourselves to further studies and complete our degree courses. It also highlights the commitment of CityU School of Law in acknowledging students' achievements and motivating them to do the best they can."

The LLB Admission Scholarship was first established this year and is open to first-year undergraduates with outstanding academic results and a good track record in extra-curriculum activities. The applicants must select the Bachelor of Laws programme offered by CityU School of Law in JUPAS's Band A and be nominated by their school principals. Successful applicants who pass an interview with CityU School of Law are awarded the HK$50,000 Admission Scholarship during their first year at university.

Professor Wang Guiguo, Dean of CityU School of Law, said, "The aims of the Admission Scholarship are to accept more talented students who have a strong desire to study law and to nurture more potential talent for the local legal fraternity. The first-introduced Admission Scholarship attracted many applications from distinguished students, showing that there is a continuous improvement in the quality of incoming CityU School of Law students."

"Caring for students is our commitment, welcoming challenges our character. Equipping students with globalised knowledge, skills and experience is fundamental to the structure of our legal education," Professor Wang added.

Professor Wang briefly reported the 2008-09 JUPAS results of CityU School of Law during the ceremony. Most of the intake students ranked LLB as their first three options (Band A). The average HKAL score was 12.05. He also announced that the HKAL Use of English requirement would be improved to C Grade from 2009-10.


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