Alumni talk focuses on Hong Kong economy

Sharon Ng

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What are the prospects for the property market in Hong Kong in the wake of the latest financial crisis? Is the US dollar still reliable?

These are some of the questions people are asking in light of the most recent financial turmoil. The Development and Alumni Relations Office and the Convocation invited Dr Chan Yan-chong, Associate Professor of the Department of Management Sciences, to analyse for alumni the current financial crisis and its impact on the Hong Kong economy, on 17 September.

The talk attracted more than 180 alumni. Dr Chan's incisive views on the crisis and its effect on the financial and property markets, as well as daily lives of Hong Kongers, aroused much discussion amongst the alumni.

The discussion was part of the Talk Series, the fourth held so far, and was illustrative of CityU's close ties to its alumni.

"In order to attract a broad range of alumni, we have covered numerous topics, from the Olympics and Hong Kong internet culture to the property market in China and Hong Kong," said Ms Kathy Chan Yin-ling, Director of the Development and Alumni Relations Office.

Mr Patrick Lee Chung-wah, Chairman of the Standing Committee of the Convocation, added that organising talks is a good way to bring alumni together. "Our alumni are relatively young and most have to work long hours. Therefore, we came up with the idea of organising talks that will not only help enrich their knowledge but also attract them to come back to their alma mater," Mr Lee said.

"We hope this can become a great force benefitting the University's

development in the long term," said Mr Lee. The popularity of the courses, which were filling within hours of applications opening, was a positive sign, he added.

Mr Lee said exciting new angles would be taken in future Talk Series, including wine or coffee tasting, personalised accounts of career experiences, and others.

Alumnus Mr Kalvin Yan Chun-shing was a fan of the Talks Series, praising the topics as practical, current and relevant.


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