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Ellen Chan


Hong Kong is one of the least corrupt cities in the world, but integrity is always an issue of importance. City University of Hong Kong (CityU) not only concerns itself with the academic performance of its students, but also the development of their moral virtues. The Office of the Dean of Student Learning, Student Development Services and the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) have jointly organised the "ICAC Ambassador Programme", the first of its kind among high-education institutions in Hong Kong.

"ICAC Ambassador Programme" will last for one year. Almost 30 participants had the opportunity to visit ICAC headquarters as well as participating in other activities organised by ICAC. These activities encouraged students to learn more about anti-corruption measures. Moreover, students had to submit proposals on how to disseminate the anti-corruption message on campus. Once their proposals were approved by ICAC, "Integrity Week" was held from 14 January to 27 January.

The ICAC Ambassadors are divided into three groups. During the "Integrity Week", students will organise activities that promote a core set of values to schoolmates and the public. Activities include movie sharing, seminars, fun fair booths and a case study competition. It is aimed at teaching students about the scourge of corruption and the importance of integrity.

Professor Lilian Vrijmoed Kwan Lee-ping, Dean of Student Learning, said the "ICAC Ambassador Programme" would educate the public on moral virtues and promote the students' awareness of how to act with integrity. Professor Vrijmoed had meetings with employers of different companies and was informed that the trait of integrity in a job candidate was regarded by prospective employers as one of the most valued character assets.

"I believe students should incorporate integrity into their daily learning process, develop a set of core values and learn the importance of this quality," Professor Vrijmoed said.

Myron Wong Chi-fai, a Year 3 student from the Department of Management Sciences, is an ICAC Ambassador. He said all the ambassadors had the opportunity to visit the ICAC headquarters before the launch of "Integrity Week" where they learned more about the daily operations of ICAC.

"Participating in the 'ICAC Ambassador Programme' not only provided me with an opporotunity to cooperate with schoolmates from various departments, but also made me feel that I have a responsibility to promote integrity," Myron said.

Another ICAC Ambassador, Hui Shun-leong, is a Year 2 student from the Department of Manufacturing Engineering and Engineering Management. He said he gained new insight into the issue of integrity.

"In helping organise the 'Integrity Week', I worked hard with fellow group members to find more relevant information. We found that there were grey areas in most issues and realised conflicting values and moral dilemmas arose all the time in everyday life," Hui Shun-leong said. "Through this event, I have learned the importance of integrity and this will enhance my personal growth," he added.


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