CityU inter-hall competitions facilitate interactions among students

Jo Kam

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CityU’s Student Residence Office and Halls of Residence of the Student Development Services are holding a series of inter-hall competitions to facilitate interactions among students with different backgrounds. Students living in the halls are getting the chance to explore similar interests through inter-hall sports, arts and cultural competitions, thus finding out more about each other and themselves.

This year’s inter-hall competitions, which are organized throughout the academic year, started in September and have included the popular basketball league, the aquatic meet and the table-tennis competition. A number of ‘international’ teams signed up, bringing together local and non-local students who share similar interests and passions.

“We practice together and so we have become really good friends,” said

Perreal Thomas, an exchange student from France in the Department of Accountancy. “By observing the excellent performances in the competitions, I got to know more about the different cultures of my fellow students from elsewhere.”

Perreal, who lives in HSCB Prosperity Hall, joined with another exchange student from France and two local students for the men’s 4x50m freestyle relay in the aquatic meet. They won the second runner-up medal.

Yiyi, who lives in Jockey Club Humanity Hall, said she liked to participate in the competitions with Hong Kong and overseas friends from different halls. “By doing this I can broaden my network of friends,” she said.

A Year 1 student from mainland China, Yiyi studies in the Department of Accountancy and has a pro-active personality. She joined the Resident’s Association; she participated in the women’s 4x50m freestyle relay with three overseas students and won first runner-up; she won the second runner-up in the table-tennis mixed doubles; and she will take part in a forthcoming singing contest.

“I’m so pleased to participate in organizing the activities. This gave me a chance to learn how to balance different opinions and multi-task. This kind of experience is precious for my personal growth,” she said.

Leung Kwan-hang, a resident of Jockey Club Humanity Hall, is Yiyi’s table-tennis partner and a Year 1 local student studying information engineering. “Participating in the competitions and other hall functions has enriched my university life,’ he said. “Most importantly, I have made many friends. By mixing with non-local students I have learnt how to socialize with people from different cultural backgrounds.”

Kenneth Chu, a residence tutor in HSBC Prosperity Hall and a PhD student in the Department of Manufacturing Engineering and Engineering Management, is an enthusiastic supporter of hostel activities. “The residential life at CityU is full of fun. We can develop good time management skills through these activities,” he said.

Yang Guomin lives in Hall 3 and comes from mainland China. He is a PhD student in the Department of Computer Science. “Cultural

background does not hinder friendship. What we need is to communicate and to interact. When we understand each other better, we can broaden our network of friends and enrich our university lives,” said Guomin, one of the organizers of this year’s competitions.

Dr Michael Wong Chak-shum, Hall 3 Residence Master, said students liked to mix with young people from around the world. “Seeing this, we believe we have already achieved the aims of holding these inter-hall activities,” he said.


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