Law conference debates tort law legislation on the Chinese mainland

Karen Lai

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More than 60 eminent scholars and legal practitioners from mainland China and Hong Kong attended a conference on “Chinese and Comparative Tort Law Legislation” organized by the School of Law (SLW) at City University of Hong Kong from 27 to 28 October.


Participants conducted an in-depth comparative study of tort law issues, providing significant insights into the future legislative development of tort law on the mainland.


The conference demonstrates CityU's commitment to pursuing comparative and international law scholarship and is co-organized by the SLW's Centre for Chinese and Comparative Law (RCCL);  and the School of Law, Remin University of China; and the Research Centre of Civil and Commercial Jurisprudence at Remin University of China.


"The School of Law has a strong general interest in promoting comparative and international law scholarship," said Professor Peter Malanczuk, Dean of SLW. He said CityU maintained close links with many law schools in China and that the University was committed to fostering greater understanding of the different legal systems and new legal developments in mainland China and Hong Kong.


The conference would make important contributions to the comparative study of tort law and legislative developments in China, Professor Malanczuk added.


Tort law is one of the most important components in civil and commercial law, and given that transactions between Hong Kong and the mainland are increasing, more issues relating to the law of torts are likely to rise over the next few years.


The conference offers a timely and comprehensive discussion on issues such as: system and structure of tort law in China; general theories and principles of tort taw; protection of the right to personality and personal safety in tort taw; liability for accidents and legal issues relating to special tortious behaviours.


Officiating guests on 27 October were Mr Steven Wong, Deputy Solicitor General of the Department of Justice, HKSAR, and Mr Peter Lo, President of the Law Society. After the

inaugural session, Professor Wang Liming, Dean of the School of Law at ReminUniversity, introduced the latest development of tort law legislation in China.


Other sessions were moderated by Professor Malanczuk; Professor Yang Lixin, School of Law, ReminUniversity; Professor Wang Guiguo, SLW; Professor Zhang Xinbao, School of Law, ReminUniversity; and Professor D K Srivastava, SLW. 


The conference is part of a series on Chinese and comparative law organized by the RCCL. Established in 1993, RCCL aspires to become the premier Chinese and comparative law research centre in the Asia Pacific region. Through conferences and scholarly publications, the RCCL provides a platform for academic exchanges and develops links for co-operative research.



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