Festive commemoration set for University Anniversary Day

Michael Gibb


CityU will hold the University Day cum CityU Banquet on the evening of 21 October (Friday) 2005. This will be an opportunity to lift spirits, enhance a sense of campus community and unify University stakeholders.


In April this year, the Council designated 22 October, the day of the inaugural ceremony for City Polytechnic in 1984, as University Anniversary Day. But because 22 October falls on a Saturday, and this is the first time the University has held a formal anniversary day, the University has proposed a collaboration with the Students’ Union (SU) to make this year’s CityU Banquet a wider event. The SU has agreed to this proposal.


Full details of the evening’s entertainment will be announced very soon.


Professor Y S Wong, Vice-President (Administration), is chairing the Preparatory Committee. Members include Professor C H Chan, Dean of the Faculty of Science and Engineering; Profes

sor L K Chan, Dean of the Faculty of Business; Dr Ellen Ko, Director of the Human Resources Office; Mr K Y Wong, Director of the Facilities Management Office; and Mr Douglas Wong, President of the SU. Ms Karen Kwok, Student Development Services, will act as Secretary.


"The celebration being organized by both the University and the SU will be very meaningful as it provides a good opportunity for students, alumni, and colleagues to get together at a joyful and festive occasion without being very extravagant," Professor Wong said.


Mr Douglas Wong said the CityU Banquet was usually organized by the SU but this year’s joint effort would make the event more memorable. “The University Day is a very happy occasion and we want to work together with the whole University to make sure this is a very special evening,” he said.


The SU President added that the SU wanted students, staff and alumni to be represented in equal measure. “By linking together these three parties we can enhance the power of CityU,” he said.


The CityU Banquet is held at the end of October each year and attracts more than 2,000 students, staff, alumni and invited guests.



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