CityU achieves recruitment goal for mainland students

Claudia Ho

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CityU has successfully completed its admission exercise on the mainland this year, with the number of students recruited exceeding targets. Both the quality and quantity of candidates are outstandingly high and the total number of students who begin their studies in September will surpass the original plan of 150.



Most applicants have chosen the Faculty of Business, and the students admitted to the Faculty of Science and Engineering achieved the highest average scores. The average English language mark for all students enrolled was 124 out of 150, and 70 percent of those mainland students admitted will receive CityU scholarships.



The candidates from Beijing and Zhejiang performed best, and the number of students admitted from these areas doubled that of the original plan. Thirteen candidates in Beijing and five in Guangdong scored higher than the Band One Baseline by over 100. In Hubei, one candidate accepted by CityU was ranked 288th among 270,000 science students in the province. In Guangdong and Zhejiang, many candidates received outstanding scores in the National Joint Entrance Examination. Among them, 17 students from Guangdong and 20 from Zhejiang obtained scores surpassing the Band One Baseline by 50.



CityU has achieved its admission target of mainland students, with an expanded enrollment for 10 provinces and cities.  In addition, except in a few cases, all candidates obtained an academic score comparable to those admitted to the top universities in their respective provinces.



CityU started to recruit self-financing mainland students in the 2003/04 academic year. As one of the first local institutions to participate in the National Joint Entrance Examination Scheme this year, CityU has achieved extremely encouraging results. The University is now dedicated to making all necessary arrangements to help mainland students adjust to local living and study environments. CityU aims to provide further study opportunities for outstanding mainland students and promote Hong Kong as the leading education centre for southern China and South East Asia. In the long run, it will provide a source of talented graduates to sustain the future development of Hong Kong.


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