CityU plans to establish “incubation-education-research” base in Shenzhen

Shirley Lam

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CityU is planning to acquire a 6,000-square metre site in the ShenzhenVirtualUniversityScience Park to establish the Shenzhen Outpost—a permanent base for the University’s applied research, incubation and teaching activities on the mainland.


The establishment of the Shenzhen Outpost will enable the University to advance further in fulfilling its role to promote application-oriented tertiary, professional education and applied research through expansion and consolidation of these activities on the mainland.


CityU has a successful track record in applied research work and the commercialization of technology startup companies on the mainland. Since 2000, CityU has established the Shenzhen Research Institute and three applied research centres, namely, the Biotech Research Centre, the Environmental Mangrove Research Centre, and the Industrial Technology Research Centre in the ShenzhenVirtualUniversity. A number of companies established under CityU Enterprises Ltd to promote the University’s research and technologies to industry have made an impact in the Pearl River Delta region with successful incubation activities in areas such as diagnostics and therapeutics products; wireless communications components and systems; software development and consultancy; security-related product, access control and smart card technology; advanced motor controller and driver products.


“We’ve already developed a strong linkage to the technological developments in Shenzhen in the past five years,” said Professor H K Chang, University President. “Based on these valuable experiences, CityU is ready to set up a base in Shenzhen to further expand these activities, capitalize on the expansive market, tap into the wealth of technical expertise, and enter into deeper collaboration with higher education institutions and industry on the mainland.”


“The Shenzhen Outpost will form a base for cultivating research talents in support of the University’s applied research activities and the subsequent incubation of research successes,” said Chair Professor Roderick Wong, Dean of Research and Graduate Studies.


In addition, the Outpost will provide a foothold for recruiting students and delivering professional training and collaborative undergraduate programmes with mainland or overseas universities.


Upon completion of the Shenzhen Outpost, the University will relocate the current applied research activities in the ShenzhenVirtualUniversity to the new building and establish two new research centres, the Information Technology Research Centre and the Applied Mathematics Research Centre.


The ShenzhenVirtualUniversitySciencePark is a science park project approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Ministry of Education. It aims to provide an environment conducive for universities and research institutes to carry out research and development; to conduct manpower training; and to incubate hi-tech start-up companies in Shenzhen. Special consideration is given to universities in Hong Kong to set up an “Incubation-Education-Research” base to carry out these activities concurrently.


The Shenzhen Outpost, scheduled for completion in 2007, is still at the planning and approval stage which is expected to last for nine to 12 months. A task force has been established to follow up on the proposal.




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