Survey indicates employees' confidence level

Claudia Ho

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CityU’s Department of Management announced the findings of its survey on Hong Kong Employees’ Well-being and Confidence on 13 April. The survey indicates that employees’ overall confidence in the job market is relatively low.



Conducted in March 2005, the survey aims at measuring the quality of work life of employees in Hong Kong.  Satisfaction with different aspects of their jobs and their employment confidence were investigated. The survey reflects employees’ job satisfaction, job security and their perception of job prospects.


Chair Professor Leung Kwok, Head of Department of Management said, “We analyze the data obtained to help employers better understand work attitude of their employees, giving them insight into how to enhance their employee’s job satisfaction and performance. CityU’s applied research aims to achieve such benefits to society.”


A total of 615 full-time employees were interviewed by phone. The survey showed that the employees’ confidence index (ECI) is relatively low. Half of the interviewees expressed low optimism about the job market: employees find it rather difficult to find a job in Hong Kong at present. Most of the respondents reported a medium level of job satisfaction, job security, and had relatively low optimism about their job prospects, especially for those who are over 50 years of age and not highly educated.


In terms of employee’s well-being, respondents were most satisfied with their interpersonal relationships at the workplace and least satisfied with their promotion prospects. Compared with 2002, job satisfaction is lower in a number of areas; average weekly working hours has increased.




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