Revamped homepage offers improved functions and substance

Grace Ho

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Today, the University unveils its revamped homepage, boasting enhanced functionality and better-structured content, thanks to the concerted efforts of the Enterprise Solutions Unit, Facilities Management Office, Communications Office and other offices/units under the leadership of Dr Jerry Yu, Chief Information Officer.



The six static photographs displayed at the top of the front page have been replaced by photos related to a story on the University's latest developments. These photos will be updated regularly to display fresh news of interest to our readers.

Click on "About CityU" to read a summary of the University's recent achievements. The new "Admissions" webpage provides potential students with pertinent information on CityU's diverse educational offerings. Related news about application and admissions will be added.  

Two new functions of the revamped homepage are an enhanced "Campus Map" and "Event" search.  The "Campus Map" is designed as a unified, up-to-date and interactive campus direction enquiry application. Maps and searchable information on selected facilities and buildings are provided in full. Directions t o each department are also available. 



The University Events Management System is a common platform for all departments and offices to submit event details for publicity purposes. The newly added search capabilities help colleagues obtain event information more readily; for example, users can look up University events by category, date or title. To assist departments with directions for visitors to find designated venues for University events, popular venue facilities are automatically hyperlinked from "Events" to "Campus Map". Departments can also log on to the University's Administrative Information Management System (AIMS) to enter specific directions or event information. The "Campus Map" and "Events" are designed to facilitate departments in providing consistent and useful information to internal and external visitors.  



In addition, a trial of the "e-portal2", enabling students, staff and alumni to access secure information and personal data, has been developed to pave the way for a new portal facelift.



The overall design philosophy for the University's websites is to present information and services in a well-coordinated and user-friendly manner from the users' perspective, thus providing easy access to the right page for the  information they seek. The launch of the new "CityU HomePage" and the consolidation of various web facilities into the e-Portal represents a major  development in the University's web-based information and services delivery.

CityU has always recognized the importance of information technology in teaching, research and administration. An Information Services Strategic Plan 2005-2010 has been formulated by the Committee of Information Services and Technology for consultation.  The plan outlines the goals, key areas and plans on using information technology to improve communication and access to information in order to support student learning, research and administrative operations.


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