On-campus Service-learning Scheme in full stride

Karen Lai

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The On-campus Service-learning Scheme (OSS), with enthusiastic support University-wide, welcomes online applications starting 1 March. The OSS aims to equip students with vocational competence via jobs on campus. Promoting full integration of learning and working experiences, the Scheme will enhance students’ long-term professional development.


A key aspect of CityU’s mission is to prepare students for career development and the OSS exemplifies the concept of “Service Learning”. The OSS helps students develop important life and job skills through service to the University community. University units recruiting students with the OSS will equip them with the necessary skills to perform their duties competently.


Initiated by Professor David S Y Tong, CityU’s Deputy President, in November last year, the OSS has received a positive response from departments providing jobs to CityU students. Initially, the University aims to provide 1,000 on-campus employment opportunities by expanding on-campus part-time employment offerings. Full-time offerings will be provided during the summer term.



The OSS provides students with another type of learning environment. They will experience more than an employer-employee relationship. And, of course, the students determine how much they, themselves, gain in the process,” said Mr Rock Tam, Senior Counsellor of Student Development Services, at an OSS briefing session held at lunch time, 28 February. Two more sessions
will be held, one on 3 March and another on 9 March.


Third-year social work student Timothy Sin welcomes the OSS. “The Scheme allows us to learn outside the classroom. By participating in the scheme, I expect to strengthen my communication skills and broaden my horizons,” he said. He further explained that while academic study enriches his research skills and sharpens his way of thinking, through the OSS, he can acquire more practical skills in an authentic workplace. 


To give students a well-rounded education, the University encourages students to apply for cross-discipline postings so as to acquire real-life experiences in subjects other than their major. Full-time undergraduate students with a CGPA of 2.5, are eligible to apply for their desired jobs direct to the recruiting units. They can be employed by the University as part-time helpers in a wide range of projects including research, teaching support, University functions, IT support, office administration and customer service.


Student helpers are offered appropriate orientation such as career development, work ethics, and training courses on generic workplace skills/attitude to help them perform effectively and efficiently. Performance evaluation, conducted by the recruiting units, allows students to understand their career interests and aptitudes.


In addition to this University-wide On-campus Service-learning Scheme, CityU offers students a wide range of learning opportunities in a variety of work environments, such as the Industrial Attachment Scheme and internship programmes, either built into the curriculum or organized by Student Development Services. 


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