Phase II of student hostels nears completion

Peter Ho


In a month or two, the second phase of the Student Residence Project on

Cornwall Street
, will be completed, adding four more halls to the existing three in Phase One. Three of these are for undergraduates (Halls 4, 5 and 6); one for postgraduates (Hall 8). Students can expect to start moving in February or March.

In terms of number of beds, some 1,400 (1,000 for undergraduates, 400 for postgraduates) will be added to the existing 800 for undergraduates in Phase I. With the additional space and beds, it is expected that those undergraduates who apply for residence will be allowed to stay for two semesters from now on, instead of one under the current arrangement. Facilities in Phase II are similar to those in Phase I, with both single and double bed spaces, not to mention communal facilities such as a pantry, meeting rooms, etc. The postgraduate hall, however, will only have single rooms. There will be, as in Phase I, a multi-purpose hall for the four new buildings.

In a related development, the University has appointed three new residence masters: Prof Richard Ho (EF), Dr Lin Feng (SLW) and Dr Lester Chan (SCM).

Realistic rates

The Student Residence Project is a self-financing operation; fees are determined based on a realistic occupancy rate, which will most probably improve as the economy starts to pick up. The current fees for undergraduates in the
Cornwall Street
residences, upon completion of Phase II, will be maintained-HK$7,260 per semester for a single bed space, and HK$4,840 for a double bed space on a double occupancy basis. On the other hand, new rates have been approved for Phase II Postgraduate Hall (PH) on
Cornwall Street
, at HK$2,000 per month, while rates for the Jockey Club House (JCH) and To Yuen Building (TYB) will be reduced by 10%. The daily rental rate for short-stay visitors at the PH, JCH and TYB also will be revised.

There is a preliminary suggestion to gradually move all postgraduate places from the To Yuen Building and part of the Jockey Club House to the new hostel on

Cornwall Street
, so that these existing buildings can be repurposed into office space.


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