Uplifting words during economic downturn

Michelle Tsang

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More than 110 alumni and guests gathered at City University on 6 March to hear Mr Or Ching-fai, General Manager of the Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation, share his views and experiences on handling employer-employee relations during the current economic downturn. The "Happy Gathering" was organized by the City University Alumni Association and the Development and Alumni Relations Office.

"Ask not what your company can give to you," said Mr Or "but ask what you can give to your company." A successful banker and member of the CityU Council, he said the "golden rule of survival" in an economic downturn is to strive to add high value to yourself and to the organization you serve. "Don't lose hope but learn to manage changes in a positive way," Mr Or advised the audience. "One can still grasp new opportunities during an economic recession so long as one is flexible enough in responding to the fast-changing environment."

Sharing with participants how his company has adapted to meet new market demands in the local banking sector, Mr Or said. "Don't just sit in an ivory tower. Look out for opportunities. Always ask where your competitive strengths lie and find ways to enhance them. Remember: what you sow, you reap."

A lively discussion followed Mr Or's talk. Coordinator of the sharing session, Mr Simon Hui, Director (Business Development) of E.P.S.A. Corporation Ltd and a CityU graduate, said it had been an enlightening experience to chat with and learn from a successful businessman.

Also at the "Happy Gathering" were the winners of this year's CityU Alumni Association Scholarships: Miss Winnie Ho and Miss German Cheung, undergraduate students from the Departments of Chinese, Translation and Linguistics and Physics and Materials Science, respectively.

In addition to reunion gatherings and forums, the CityU Alumni Association has also planned a variety of outdoor activities, such as boat trips and bird watching, for students and graduates of the University. For further information, please visit the Association's website: alumni-www.cityu.edu.hk/aacityu/.



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