Handheld solutions for College students

Regina Lau


CityU's College of Higher Vocational Studies offers about 800 students each a handheld computer to better integrate their study with campus life, with the support of two enterprises, Palm Inc. and ObjectValley (Asia Pacific) Ltd.

The mobile interactive learning program, launched officially at the College's Telford Annex campus on October 29, marks CityU the first among higher education to develop both wireless LAN and Bluetooth network-enabled access points within the campus. " This is my dream come true, to build up a wireless communication network," College's Provisional Provost Professor Richard Ho said, "With Palm handheld technology deployed at the Telford Annex, students can learn more effectively, for the first time, in a highly mobile environment."

With handheld computers, students gain access to all their teaching materials and campus announcements, communicate with teachers and peers, and organize their schedule. Both staff and students at Telford Annex are thus more tightly integrated as a learning community through this mobile system.

"The system not only enables me to obtain course outlines and compile simple assignments without carrying a stack of paper, it also keeps me in close touch with the campus community," said a College student at the demonstration session of the inaugural ceremony. Project leader, Mr Lawrence Ma, Lecturer of Division of Commerce, "This is a huge heap for us. We are keen to develop a technology-driven environment for our students."



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