Students win gold for mobile project

Michael Woloschuk


A team of students from the Department of Electronic Engineering have won a Gold Award in a mobile communications competition organized by Ericsson Limited and SmarTone Mobile Communications Limited.

Second-year students Shi Ying, Yang Shing Lung, Zhu Xinen, and their supervisor, Dr K F Tsang, won the top prize in the SmartApps-to-go competition for their " School Announcement System (SAS)", which allows parents to receive information from their children's schools via WAP phone. The team, dubbed "City Mobile", also included student supporter Wong Tat Hang.

The SmartApps-to-go competition aims to enhance Hong Kong's position as the leading telecommunications hub in the region by providing an opportunity for students to demonstrate their talents in mobile applications development. The contest was open to all full-time students in Hong Kong tertiary institutions. Applications went through a preliminary selection process.

Projects developed covered a broad range of applications, from games to transport and education. "The high standards of creativity, functionality, and presentation were not only rewarding for us as the organizers of the competition, but also indicated that the future of the technological revolution in Hong Kong is in good hands," said Mr Ulf Ewaldsson, Deputy Managing Director of Ericsson Limited.



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