College signs exchange agreements

Michael Woloschuk


CityU's College of Higher Vocational Studies has signed an academic exchange agreement as well as a student exchange agreement with Nagasaki International University in Japan.


The signing ceremony took place on 18 July at the College offices, and was officiated by Professor Richard Ho, Provisional Provost of the College, and Professor Koji Wada, President of Nagasaki International University, and Mrs Harumi Nakano, Associate Professor at Nagasaki International University.


"Through this collaboration we hope our students and faculty can come closer together," said Professor Ho. "I'm very grateful that President Wada and Professor Nakano made this special trip to Hong Kong and mark the start of this lifelong partnership."

It was announced that the student exchange agreement would be a one-to-one deal that will see four Applied Japanese Studies students sent to Nagasaki International University for one semester.

"It is a great pleasure for us to be here today for the signing of this exchange agreement," said Professor Wada, who pointed out that Nagasaki International University boasts 206 overseas students out of a student body that is 1130 strong.



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