A rich cultural life keeps spirit of dedication alive


An ambiance of culture and well-being pervaded the CityU campus throughout March and April, with the Wellness March proceeding in full gear and the Cultural Festival, with the them of "Hands Across the Water", featuring numerous performances, seminars and concerts. The atmosphere was further enhanced by a number of inter-collegiate contests, including sports, debates and recitals, held on and off campus.

The number of cultural and sports activities organized and sponsored by CityU's Cultural and Sports Committee now totals more than a few dozen per annum. "Thanks to the support and participation of our staff, students, alumni and people from other walks of life, we are able to organize a calendar of colourful activities with limited resources," Professor Y S Wong, Vice-President (Institutional Advancement) and Chairman of Cultural and Sports Committee said. "Generating more than a few dozen activities from an annual budget of HK$900,000 is not easy. I must thank those renowned artists who perform at our University on a voluntary basis, those collectors who contribute their collections to our exhibitions, and out staff and students who put in so much time and effort despite their busy schedules. Very often, it is the dedication and cooperation, not the money spent, that makes an event successful."

World City Cultural Night exem-plified such a spirit of dedication. A majority of the 150 people, on stage and back stage, involved with the project were recruited from CityU staff and students. "The project was the result of inter-departmental joint effort," said Dr Ruth Yee, Associate Director of Student Development Services and convener of the organizing committee for the event. "The process, spanning more than half a year's planning and organization, was very tough, but we earned something invaluable: the spirit of dedication and cooperation."

Professor Nora Tam, from the Department of Biology and Chemistry and member of the organizing committee, also found the success of the cultural night encouraging. " The event was well received. Tickets were oversubscribed and all the participants were highly motivated. And the dance party at the end was a wonderful experience. I feel that I gained more than I contributed, in terms of time and effort."



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