Hostels will usher in new era


When Phase One of the Student Hostels project is completed and students begin moving into the new residences on Cornwall Street this August, campus life at CityU will never be the same.



Indeed, as residential life upgrades the quality of CityU's whole-person education experience, the single most important factor of change in CityU's undergraduate education will be the student hostels, said Vice-President for Education Edmond Ko. "As we transform into a residential university, the centre of campus life will migrate northward," said Professor Ko.



As the naked eye can see, actual physical work on the project is almost done. Scaffolding is coming down and the finishing touches are being completed. But what will happen once students move into the residences?



The University wants to create a home-away-from-home atmosphere at the hostels, one that will enhance students' learning and communal living experience. To this end, three of four residence masters have been hired, whose role will be to ensure that the living experience on campus of each student is a positive and productive one.



Specifically, the residence masters will provide counseling and guidance, initiate and plan activities, set up Hall Rules, handle disciplinary matters, advise and support the Residents' Associations, and cultivate a sense of community.



Roughly 800 bedplaces will be available for undergraduate students. Due to the limited number of places, allocation at the moment will be semester-based. Upon completion of the entire three-phase Student Hostels project, around 2,800 students will be offered a chance to live in campus.



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