Coaches of CityU Sports Teams


Thanks to our coaches who helped the CityU Sports Teams take the championships at this year's inter-collegiate competitions.


Team Players and Roles:

(Photo from left) Mr Peter Wu (Tennis Team), Mr Vincent Kwan (Women's Volleyball Team), Ms Winnie Wong (Table Tennis Team), Mr Sunny Chau (Badminton Team), Mr Roy Ngai (Swimming Team, Squash Team), Mrs Dorothy Davies (Women's Athletic Team), Ms Rebecca Lai (Women's Basketball Team), Mr Gordis Yau (Soccer Team), Mr Raymond Sum (Men's Basketball Team), Mr Denis Wan (Men's Volleyball Team), Mr Matthew Yip (Men's Atheletic Team, Cross Country Team, Squash Team)



Team Motto:

Be the Best That We Can Be


Quotable Quotes:

Mathew Yip: "You run, you earn; you jump, you earn. Your contribution can earn you and our team the CHAMPIONSHIP."


Roy Ngai: "At CityU we promote excellence in sports, not just to win championships but also to cultivate in our athletes a sense of caring for each other. It's part of our philosophy of whole-person education."


Location: Sports Complex


Contact/Telephone: 2788 8056




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