China Public Policies 2001 launched

Karen Lai

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A new addition to the list of publications from City University PressAnalysis of Public Policies of China 2001—was launched at CityU on 12 January.


"The book marks a shift from bi-polar analyses to a rational, fact-based, and statistical analysis of China public policies. It is a good direction for public policy analysis of China to take, especially as China is poised to join the WTO," said Mr Paul Yip, Chairman of the Hong Kong Policy Research Institute, at the launching ceremony.


Edited by the Centre for Public Policy Study at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and CityU's Centre for Comparative Public Management and Social Policy, Analysis of Public Policies of China 2001 features the public policies enacted by the Chinese government, the background to introducing the policies and the formulation procedures. With extensive statistics on, and analysis of, China's public policies, the book contains 12 chapters focusing on discussion of Chinese government organizational reform, financial policies, government-owned enterprises reform, and policies on telecommunication, employment, and medical insurance, including two chapters on public policy issues in Hong Kong and Macau.

The Chinese Academy of Social Sciences approached CityU's Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in 1998 about collaborating on the publication of the book, the aim of which is to encourage rational discussion, analysis and formulation of public policies. The book is targeted at policy analysts, government officials, and think tanks on policy formulation in both public and private organizations.

"The analysis is not bound by theories but in response to the real life economic and social environment of China, through which we hope to further enhance collaboration between Hong Kong and China in the study of public policies," explained Dr Julia Tao, Director of the Centre for Comparative Public Management and Social Policy.

The launching ceremony was officiated by Mr Yip, Professor Y S Wong, Vice-President (Institutional Advancement), and Dr Tao. "The book is of high academic and practical value; its publication is an encouraging sign for collaboration between the mainland and Hong Kong, since most cooperation in the past has focused on science subjects," Professor Wong commented.


Analysis of Public Policies of China 2001 can be purchased from the University bookstore and other book outlets. For enquiries, please call Miss Janice Chan on 2628 2818.





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