1. How long is the exchange?
    Normally, it lasts for one semester. Participating students with extremely outstanding academic performance and under exceptional circumstances may be considered for studying abroad for one academic year.  
  2. What is the difference among Institutional-level, College-level and Departmental-level exchange programmes?
    Institutional-level exchange programmes are based on exchange agreements signed between CityU and a partner institutions. All full-time undergraduate students enrolling at CityU from all compatible disciplines can apply for those programmes at institutional-level.

    College-level exchange programmes are based on the exchange arrangements signed between the College and partner institutions. All full-time undergraduate students enrolling in CSCI programmes of relevant disciplines are eligible for applying for those programmes at College-level. 

    Departmental-level exchange programmes are established between a specific academic department and partner institutions. Only full-time undergraduate students of that particular department can apply for those exchange programmes.
  3. I understand that I have to fulfill the English language requirement before application. What is that all about?
    Students who wish to participate in exchange programmes using English as the medium of instruction and assessment must meet one of the following requirements at the time of application. Students also need to follow specific language requirement(s) set by the partner institutions, if any.  Students are strongly advised to take TOEFL or IELTS exam which are internationally recognized and widely accepted by the partner institutions. 
    1. A minimum TOEFL score of 550 (paper-based test) or 79 (internet-based test); or
    2. A minimum IELTS overall Band 6.5; or
    3. Level 4 or above in HKDSE English Language; or
    4. Grade C or above in one of the following subjects:
      1. HKALE Use of English / English Literature
      2. GCE A/AS Level English Language/English Literature/English Language and Literature (Grade B for subjects at GCSE level); or
    5. Grade C or above in an English course approved by the Senate for fulfilling the University's language requirement.
  4. I know that I may take the prescribed English courses offered by the Department of English in order to fulfil the English language requirement. Will these courses be offered in the summer term? 
    Yes, some of these courses will be offered in the summer. However, please make sure that the course that you intend to take is one of those courses approved by the Senate for fulfilling the English language requirement. Note that these courses are not necessarily equivalent to the English proficiency requirement set by your host institution. Please check with your exchange coordinator. 
  5. Can I apply for exchange studies if I have not met the English language requirement before the application deadline?
    Yes, if you apply for a programme conducted in Chinese in the mainland or Taiwan. For all other exchange programme, students MUST fulfill the English requirement.
  6. I have taken a language course entitled Introduction to Journalism. It is not on the approved list of English Courses? Can I use it for fulfilling the University language requirement? 
    No. To fulfill the University language requirement, you must take and obtain a Grade C or above in one of the approved English courses.
  7. I have met CityU English language requirement with my GE English. However, the host insitution required an IELTS/TOEFL result.  Can I still apply? When will be the deadline to submit the IELTS/TOEFL result?
    If you have met one of the minimum English requirement set by CityU, you can go ahead to submit your applicaiton. In case you were selected, you will need to submit the IELTS/TOEFL result with your application materials to the host for admission purpose before the application deadline set by the host institution.
  8. Can I get credit transfer for courses that I take at my host institution? Can the credits be transferred to fulfil GE requirement? 
    It depends very much on the level and relevancy of the courses you take in that university. To be sure, you should identify and discuss in detail with your programme leader about the courses that you would like to take at your host institution. Please visit the Academic Regulations and Records Office’s Website for the details of applications for credit transfer. Students may apply for credit transfer to fulfill GE Requirements in accordance with the University’s Academic Regulations.  Please visit GE credit transfer Guideline for details.
  9. Do I have to pay tuition to the host institution?
    No. However, you have to pay tuition fee as well as study-related costs to CityU in order to maintain your student status here. Additionally, please check with your exchange coordinator if you are required to pay some fees to your host institution (e.g., student organisation fee, transportation fee etc), and take these fees into account when budgeting your exchange. 
  10. Can I go on exchange during my final year of study?
    Subject to the approval of your Department and the host institution, you may go on exchange in any semester which fits your study plan. However, please discuss with your programme leader to see if it is practicable.
  11. I will be a final year student next year and would like to participate in the exchange programme. How can I handle my final-year project?
    In this case, you should talk to your final-year project supervisor. It may be possible that you start the project earlier, say in the summer term, and complete it when you return. Alternatively, subject to the approval of your project supervisor AND your host department of the partner institution, you may undertake part of your project under the supervision of the College member of the host institution. 
  12. Is on-campus accommodation guaranteed?
    Some overseas universities do not provide accommodations for exchange students. You should approach the International Office/Study Abroad Office of your host institution for assistance.
  13. Although there are subsidies provided by the University, what if I finally find myself not being able to afford my exchange? Is there any loan available to successful applicants? If yes, how to apply?
    Yes, there is a CityU Temporary Student Loan for Outbound Exchange Students or Overseas Internship/Activities administered by the Student Development Services. Please click here for details. 
  14. I am a non-local student. Can I join the student exchange programme?
    As long as you meet the requirements (see Eligibility), you may apply for exchange studies. 
  15. How many courses I have to enroll for a semester-long exchange? I am in my final year and have to complete a final year project, can I take fewer courses?
    Exchange students are required to take and pass at least 12 credit units (or equivalent, i.e. 20 ECTS) for 1 semester. If students fail to meet the requirements set by CityU and the host institution, CityU reserves the right to withdraw full or partial the sponsorship.  Any reduction of study load has to be applied to student's home department before or during the exchange programme. Application after the exchange period will not be accepted.