CityU Temporary Student Loan
for Outbound Exchange Studies


This interest-free loan is set aside to help local full-time UGC-funded undergraduate students cover part of the expenses of semester-based outbound exchange studies.  Available amount of loan for an academic year varies, depending on the repayment fund available at the time of application.  This is a means-tested loan scheme; applicants' family income, assets and financial status will be assessed.  Applicants will be ranked according to their financial needs.  Applicants with higher ranking will have higher chance of getting the loan.  Successful applicants will be offered interest-free loan to cover part of the following costs:

Air fares & transportation
Visa & insurance

Maximum level of loan offered for 2022/23 academic year will be capped as follows :

Americas, Europe (Incl. Russia and Turkey), Middle East : HK     $24,000
Australia, New Zealand : HK     $22,000
Asia : HK     $16,000
Mainland China :

HK     $12,000

SDS's decision would be final.  SDS staff may meet with the applicants to discuss the details of the applications.

Application Procedures

1. Applications shall be invited twice a year.  The application deadlines usually fall in April/May* (main round) and October* (clearing round).  Applications should be submitted to SDS at least two months in advance of the studies. Late applications would only be approved subject to the availability of fund.  Applications will not be accepted if the studies have already been commenced or taken place.
2. Download  Application Form / Guidelines

* Exact application deadlines would be announced via CAP.

Repayment Terms

1. This scheme is running on a recurrent basis.  The availability of loan relies very much on students' punctual repayment of loan.  Applicants are expected to be responsible, considerate and have the repayment ability.  Otherwise, needy students in the subsequent year will be affected due to lack of funding.
2. Loan recipients are required to repay the loan within six months after the studies.  A 5% one-off surcharge may be imposed to students who fail to repay the loan on time.
3. The University would withhold the award certificates and inform the respective departments of students who fail to repay the loan.
4. Students who are not able to complete their overseas studies will have to repay the loan in lump sum immediately.
5. Students must repay the loan before graduation.