FAQ about Submitting Staff Account Request through Web

  1. How can I know that my computer accounts are going to expire?

    Email notification email w
    ill be sent to non-primary staff account owner 1 week and 2 weeks before the account expiry date.  In addition, departmental DNAs and RNAs will also receive a report of all computer accounts of their departments that will expire within the next 30 days on each Monday morning.

  2. How can I submit my request of account renewal?

    The request
    shall be submitted via the option “Request Staff Computer Account Renewal” in Work Desk menu of a staff LAN PC.  By selecting your non-primary account pane and selecting the corresponding Extend button in the account table with justification filled, the request will be sent directly to the CSC after clicking the `submit’ button.

    For the steps to submit the request, please select `Help’ on the User Service menu after clicking the option “Request Staff Computer Account Renewal.

  3. How can the DNA/RNA of the department help to maintain the computer accounts owned by their departments?

    option “Department Computer Account” from “Staff Account” pull-down menu is for DNA and RNA to retrieve all the accounts belonging to their departments.  They can then review the account usage and raise appropriate requests to maintain them when required.

  4. How to login the system?

    You can use your University EID and application password to login the system.

  5. I cannot find my account in the table. What should I do?

    Probably you are not the account owner. You m
    ay check with your department DNA, RNA or authorized users who can submit CSC Work Requests to renew the account for you.  If necessary, you can also request to be the account owner during account renewal.

  6. Besides staff account renewal, can I request to increase account quota?

    You need to ask the authorized users (who can submit CSC Work Request
    s) at your department to submit a CSC Work Request with justification for CSC’s consideration.

  7. Can I request to add a new account here? Can I renew student account also?

    The system is for staff account renewal only.
     You need to ask the authorized users (who can submit CSC Work Requests) at your department to submit a CSC Work Request to add a secondary or visiting staff account.

  8. How can I know who can submit CSC Work Request in my department?

    may click the Work Desk shortcut on your computer desktop, and then choose the option CSC Work Request.  After entering your EID and application password, choose the option “Submit Work Request” from “Work Request” pull-down menu, and the list of authorized by your department head for submitting CSC Work Request will appear.

  9. Can I extend my computer accounts for more than 1 year?

    As part of the best practice for proper life-cycle management of computer accounts, all non-primary computer accounts should only be extended for a maximum period of one year.

  10. I am going to leave the University. Can I extend my account here?

    The validity of all staff computer accounts aligns with the staff status of
    the account owner.  When you leave the University, all your accounts (primary and non-primary/secondary) will be removed.  Primary accounts are not transferrable.  Non-primary/secondary account that is still needed by the department can be transferred to another staff member.  You need to ask the authorized users at your department to change the account owner of your non-primary accounts before you leave; otherwise the accounts will be removed.

  11. Is it necessary to fill in the justification?

    The CSC needs to understand your request through the justification in order to make the decision, and you are responsible for the justification you filled in.

  12. Can I check or cancel my account request after it is submitted?

    You can always check your account request by clicking the option “Submitted Computer Account Request” from “Staff Account” pull-down menu.
     If your request is still pending, you can cancel it by clicking the Cancel button.