Report and Stop Spam Email

Spam, aka junk email, is a nuisance, and it can be very annoying and time-consuming to deal with/delete it every day when you start your email. Though sophisticated spam detection system has been deployed, spammers adapt quickly and spam can evolve at a speed beyond imagination coming in as different senders and subjects. To fight against this ongoing battle, apart from setting up filters in your email account to filter/delete spam sent to you, you can also help others who are also bothered by the same spam by reporting the spam to the Computing Services Centre (CSC) to help us turn the tide. The CSC, on receiving noticeable number of complaints of the same spam, will consider to temporarily suspend further incoming of the spam and stop the nuisance.

Should you find any suspicious spam, please report it to and appropriate action will follow. To facilitate the investigation of a spam, please provide the Full Message Headers of the spam email:

How can I display FULL HEADERS of incoming messages (in Outlook and Microsoft 365 Outlook Web App.)


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