FAQ on Cortex XDR Agent

  1. What shall I do if I receive alert from security tool?
  2. If you detect alert popup screens that look like the below screenshots, it means that the Cortex XDR agent has detected some malicious activities/files or it could be a false alarm. Please report to the IT Service Desk immediately and provide the screen capture of the alert popup screens for further investigation.

    Sample alert screen 1

    Sample alert screen 2

  3. How to check if the agent is installed on my PC?
  4. After the Cortex XDR agent installation, the Cortex XDR ICON (as shown below) will be found under the ^ icon at the bottom right of the screen.

    When you click the Cortex XDR icon, the following Cortex XDR Console will appear:

  5. What type of machines can the Cortex XDR agent be installed?
  6. Currently, the Cortex XDR agent can ONLY be installed on CityU machines but not personal machines.