Common User Interface

The CTNET adopts a simple user identification scheme that an eligible staff member can choose his or her own unique password and that same password can be used across all applications or information services on the network.

The CityU Portal provides users with personalised Web interface to the University’s communications and rich electronic resources. With the Portal, users benefit from the convenience of single sign-on to various software platforms used in the University, delivery of role-based targeted messaging, library resources and one-touch email link for connection to personal email box in CityU. To ensure access security, SSL is enabled throughout the logon session.


As a part of the standard working environment for our users, the CTNET tries to provide all its tools and software through Software & Services which is accessible on the Portal login page. This particular Web page contains a number of links that lead to different sub-level pages as illustrated below. Software and services available are classified into different categories in the form of sub-level pages. A user can click on the desired link to get connected to the Internet, any computer system, service, peripherals such as printer and virtual hard disk; or to invoke software and applications. Most items under Software & Services accessed by staff are under password protection.

Work Desk