Charged Services of the CSC

Service User Charging Rate (HK$) Remarks
1. Event Support Service Departments Please refer to Over-time Charging for Event Support.  
2. Network Connection Departments i. Network port $2,500/port The costs for network cabling are directly paid to the outside service provider by departments. $800/port is the average cost and may vary with the actual requirements.
ii. Network cabling $800/port
3. Charged Fast Network Printing Service Students i. A4 Black & White $0.3/page Printing and Scanning Facilities
ii. A4 Colour $3/page
iii. A3 Black & White $0.3/page
iv. A3 Colour $3/page
4. CSC Teaching Studios Affiliated parties, e.g. SCOPE and outside parties Hourly rental  
  Basic rate (for affiliated parties only) $40 x No. of PCs in the booked studio
5. Server Hosting Service Externally funded projects (including those funded separately by UGC) i. Rental of one-eighth of Equipment rack space $750/month  
ii. Manpower for monitoring & maintenance $425/man-hour
iii. Manpower for backup & housekeeping $340/man-hour
iv. Power point with UPS support $3000/unit
v. Network cabling $700/port
vi. 10/100/1000 Base-T Ethernet port $2,500/port