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Department of Chemistry

The Department is very unique in a multidisciplinary nature by integrating Chemistry, Biology, and Environmental Science. Research focus/ expertise include:


(1) Chemistry: Green and synthetic chemistry; green materials/ manufacturing; sustainable development; spectroscopy and catalysis; catalyst design and synthesis; organic electroluminescent devices; inorganic photo-responsive and luminescent chemosensors; organometallic chemistry; homogeneous catalysis; biological chemistry; materials chemistry; computational chemistry; environmental chemistry.


(2) Biology: Chemical biology; developmental and cell biology; nano-biotechnology and biosensing; microbiology and bioactive compounds; genomics and biotechnology; proteomics and metabolomics; environmental biology.

(3) Environmental Science: Freshwater and marine pollution; aquatic ecology and conservation; sustainable development in marine ecosystem; renewable energy, energy storage and management, energy efficiency and conservation; environmental physiology; ecotoxicology; environmental biotechnology; environmental physics; environmental monitoring; environmental measurement; remediation technologies; environmental impact and risk assessment.

Research Degree Coordinator

Research Degree Coordinator

Dr. Guangyu ZHU