CityU excels on global top scientists list

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As one of the most progressive universities in the world, City University of Hong Kong (CityU) has a well-earned global reputation as an innovative centre for research and professional education. According to metrics compiled by Stanford University, over 140 CityU faculty members are listed among the top 2% of the world's most highly cited scientists, reflecting the high academic standard of our faculty and our excellent research performance. Compared to faculty size, CityU's percentage of the world's top 2% most highly cited scientists is among the highest in Asia.

The Stanford-listed scholars have demonstrated substantial influence in various disciplines through the publication of multiple highly cited papers ranked according to citation impact from 1996 to 2019. Disciplinary differences in terms of citation norms are taken care of since the list identifies the top 2% of scientists in their own areas of specialty.

“I am delighted that our world-class scholars have once again been recognised as some of the top researchers in the world,” said President Way Kuo of CityU.

The excellent quality of CityU faculty members has now been recognised across a range of significant global rankings. For example, 14 CityU scholars were named Highly Cited Researchers in 2020 by Clarivate, representing the highest number in Hong Kong; and CityU was ranked top in Citations per Faculty in the QS World University Ranking averaged over a 5-year period from 2017 to 2021 in Hong Kong.

This latest report by Stanford University was prepared by a team of experts led by Professor John Ioannidis, of Stanford University. The publicly available database provides continually updated information on the work of the world’s top scientists including standardised information on citations, h-index, co-authorship-adjusted hm-index, citations of papers in different authorship positions, and a composite indicator.

CityU’s Top Scientists List (Top 2% in the world in their own areas of specialty)*
(by alphabetical order of surname)




Cheung, Yin Wong張賢旺; Davison, Robert M.戴維遜;
Lau, Raymond Y.K.劉耀強; Lee, Matthew K.O.李國安;
Lu, Jane Wenzhen呂文珍; Ma, Jian馬建; Martinsons, Maris G.馬禮士

Data Science

Bensoussan, Alain; Qin, S. Joe秦泗釗; Zhou, Ding Xuan周定軒

Energy and Environment

Chan, Chak K.陳澤強; Chan, Johnny C.L.陳仲良;
Leung, Michael K.H.梁國熙; Liu, Chunhua劉春華;
Wang, Wenxiong王文雄; Zhang, Lin 張林


Chan, A. L.S.陳樂舜; Chan, Antoni B.陳萬師; Chan, Chi Hou陳志豪;
Chan, Sze Chun陳仕俊; Chen, Guanrong陳關榮; Chen, Jie陳杰;
Cheung, Sai On張世安; Chi, Yun季昀; Chiang, Kin Seng鄭建成;
Chin, Kwai Sang錢桂生; Chow, Chi Yin周志賢; 
Chow, Tommy W.S.周偉誠; Chung, Henry Shu Hung鍾樹鴻;
Dai, Lin代琳; Dang, Chuangyin党創寅; Feng, Gang馮剛; 
Fong, K. F.方光輝; Hancke, Gerhard Petrus; He, Jr Hau何志浩;
He, Xiaoqiao何小橋; Hu Jinlain胡金蓮; Huang, J. C.黃志青;
Jia, Xiaohua賈小華; Kuo, Tei Wei郭大維; Kuo, Way郭位;
Kwong, Sam鄺得互; Lai, Alvin C.K.賴志強; Lam, H. F.林向暉;
Leung, Chi Sing梁志成; Leung, Kwok Wa梁國華;Li, Danny H.W.李衍樺; 
Li, Han Xiong李涵雄; Li, Qiusheng李秋勝; Li, Youfu李友福; 
Liew, K. M.劉錦茂; Lim, C. W.林志華; Liu, C.T. 劉錦川; Liu, Lu劉璐;
Lo, S. M.盧兆明; Lo, Tommy Y.盧耀; Lu, Jian呂堅; Luk, Kwai Man陸貴文; Pang, Stella W.彭慧芝; Po, Lai Man布禮文; Rogach, Andrey L.;
Shek, Chan Hung石燦鴻; So, H. C.蘇慶祥; Srolovitz, David J.; 
Sun, Dong孫東; Sung, Chi Wan宋之尹; Tam, C. M.譚志明;
Tan, Chaoliang譚超良; Tan, Chee Wei陳志為; Tang, Wallace K.S.鄧榤生; 
Tsang, Peter W.M.曾偉明; Tse, Chi K.謝智剛; Tse, Peter謝偉達;
Wang, Cong王聰; Wang, Dong An王東安; Wang, Feng王鋒;
Wang, Jianping汪建平; Wang, Jun王鈞; Wang, Yu王宇; Wong, Hei王曦;
Wu, C.M.L.胡志文; Xie, Min謝旻; Yan, Hong嚴洪; Zhang, Qingfu張青富; Zhang, Wenjun張文軍; Zhang, Y.張元亭; Zhi, Chunyi支春義;
Zukerman, Moshe


Tsimplis, Michael

Liberal Arts and Social Sciences

Walker, Richard M.; Zhang, Xiaoling張曉玲


Bao, Wei鮑威; Chan, Raymond H.陳漢夫; Chu, Sai T.朱世德;
Ciarlet, Philippe G.; Cucker, Felipe; Ho, Daniel W.C.何永昌;
Hon, Y. C.韓耀宗; Lam, Paul K.S.林群聲; Lee, Chun Sing李振聲; 
Lu, Ya Yan陸雅言; Luo, Jingdong羅敬東; Wang, Xun Li王循理; 
Yang, Tong楊彤; Yu, Peter K.N.余君岳; Chu, Paul K.朱劍豪;
Jen, Alex K.Y.任廣禹; Lo, Kenneth Kam Wing羅錦榮;
Yu, Kin Man余健文; Zhang, Hua張華; Zhang, Rui Qin張瑞勤

JCC Veterinary Medicine and Life Sciences

Blakemore, Colin; Osterrieder, Nikolaus; Pfeiffer, Dirk Udo;
Ransom, Bruce R.; Yang, Mengsu楊夢甦

*Only full-time CityU scholars are listed in this table.

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