Hong Kong APAS R&D Centre and CityU develop vehicle safety and passenger information services system

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Hong Kong Automotive Parts and Accessory Systems R&D Centre (APAS) and City University of Hong Kong (CityU) have been granted HK$641,000 from the Innovation and Technology Commission to develop a minibus safety and passenger information services system.

In collaboration with two minibus operators, Chit Fai Motors Company Limited and Li Wai Chun Transportation Company Limited, the system will be installed on 12 green minibuses running in Kowloon and the New Territories as part of a pilot project. Designed as a solution to enhance road safety, it will provide passengers with detailed information on transport and daily life.

Dr Yang Ying, CEO of APAS, is delighted to see the team’s technology applied to industry. “We are grateful to the minibus operators for their precious input during the development of this information system, making it a solution that suits the needs of the operators in the industry,” he said. “In addition, it is very significant that this locally developed IT system will benefit Hong Kong people, providing them with vital and relevant information.”

Dr Stephen Liao Shaoyi, Associate Professor from the Department of Information Systems at CityU, said: “Passengers are not always sure when to get off a minibus, but our system informs people of their exact whereabouts so they don’t need to interrupt the drivers while they are concentrating on the road.”

The system transmits data related to the route back to the fleet monitoring centre, enabling minibus operators to track every minibus on the move, he added. The system also provides an ad platform for delivering information relating to different districts along the routes, giving operators extra income.

Dr Liao also said the functions of the system will be extended. The fleet monitoring centre can predict the time minibuses will arrive at the terminus by analysing past and real-time data, and passengers can estimate their arrival time via mobile phone applications. This function is now undergoing initial trials.

CityU’s Department of Information Systems conducted a survey after a three-month pilot test. Out of 200 passengers interviewed, 97% said they found the system acceptable, and two-thirds said the services were satisfactory. The most satisfactory services included journey, breaking news and financial information. In addition, 73% of passengers would like to see the system installed over the long-term.

Introduction to vehicle safety and passenger information services system

Technologies used:

Global Positioning System (GPS), General Packet Radio Service (GPRS), Geographic Information System (GIS), Arrival Time Prediction (ATP)


l Enhancing the safety of minibuses - An alert light embedded in the system will automatically flash to remind drivers to slow down if they are speeding.

l Providing comprehensive information to passengers - An LCD panel broadcasts the latest information for “next stop” and “terminus”, as well as main landmarks nearby, such as buildings, shopping mall and public amenities. The system also broadcasts real-time news messages and a range of information such as updated weather forecasts. There are also ads.

l Improving fleet management - The fleet management application enables minibus operators to track all minibuses. The system also records and reviews the fleet’s week-long operations, including operating times, locations, duty roster, speed, etc.

Existing green minibus routes with vehicle safety and information services system (source: minibuses operators)

Route No. En route from to

2 & 2A Hung Hom (Whampoa Garden) Kowloon Tong (Festival Walk)

6 & 6A Hung Hom (Whampoa Garden Tsim Sha Tsui (Hankow Road)

89 Tsuen Wan (Ho Pui Street) Kwai Shing North (Kwai Hau Street)

89A Tsuen Wan (Ho Pui Street) Kwai Hing MTR Station

89B Tsuen Wan (Hoi Shing Road) Kwai Shing North (Kwai Hau Street)

89M Kwai Fong MTR Station Kwai Shing North (Kwai Hau Street)

98 Tsuen Wan (Ho Pui Street) Kwai Shing North (Kwai Hau Street)

Hong Kong Automotive Parts and Accessory Systems R&D Centre

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City University of Hong Kong

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