Fun Days put zest into science, engineering for secondary school students

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The College of Science and Engineering at City University of Hong Kong (CityU) is hosting its annual Science and Engineering Fun Days for senior secondary schools students from 22 to 24 July. The activities are specially designed for senior secondary school students to learn through talks, laboratory tours and experiments about modern technology’s impact on daily life. The activities also provide students with an understanding of the learning environment and facilities of CityU.

The experiments are diversified, ranging from the technological applications of chemistry, the structure and solutions of the famous Rubik’s Cube puzzle, 3D technology short film production, designing an underwater remote-operated vehicle, using ultrasonic sound to measure the velocity of sound, and applying modern biology technologies. The students work within the disciplines of biology and chemistry, building and construction, computer science, electronic engineering, mathematics, manufacturing engineering and physics and materials science. The Fun Days programme is both inspiring and exciting.

Media enquiries: Shirley Pang, Communications and Public Relations Office, CityU (Tel: 3442 6819 or 9308 0568)


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