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Twenty-one CityU social work teachers have contributed to a new book Hold On to Your Faith—30 Letters to Social Work Students, emphasizing the importance of professional ethics and humanitarian values in social work education and practice.
Three final-year students of Associate of Social Science in Social Work are on a three-month block placement in Longgang of Shenzhen, after the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding between CityU's Community College and Youth League of Longgang, PRC.
Division of Social Studies, Community College of City University, showcased a total of 31 Associate of Social Science in Leisure and Tourism Management final-year student projects.
A young AIDS campaigner from Fujian, Bai Zhiyi, shared his experiences with Division of Social Studies students during his visit to CityU, 3-7 September.
Associate Degree students participating in the Community College's Career Exposure Programme won high praise from employers and realized that skills acquired in different workplace settings are transferable.
How can Hong Kong enhance its appeal to tourists? By re-vamping its cultural heritage sites, or by exploring new attractions? The first batch of Associate Degree students majoring in Leisure and Tourism Management presented how to market Hong Kong as a tourist attraction at the final year project exhibition, 21-23 April.
Around 40 students of the Division of Social Studies (DSS), who participated in a 10-day trip to Taipei and Beijing, shared their experiences on 12 March. The trip was a soul-searching journey during which students compared youth behaviour of Hong Kong, Taipei and Beijing, and reflected on their own roles in society.
Residents of Wan Chai are trading goods and services for coupons in a novel scheme designed to help the community during the current bleak economic climate. The Hours Coupons project is jointly organized by Dr Wong Hung, a Lecturer in the Division of Social Sciences, and social workers from the St James Settlement.
In the morning, I was awakened by a cock crowing, instead of the annoying buzzing sound of my alarm clock. The air that I breathed was fresh and clean, unpolluted. There were no skyscrapers, so I had a panoramic view of the sky. I could also enjoy delicious, organically grown fruits and vegetables.

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