Future responses to climate change risk

Mavis Wong


An internationally recognised leader in solar terrestrial physics, Professor Liu Chao-han gave a talk titled” From Global Change to Future Earth – Research for Global Sustainability” at a City University Distinguished Lecture on 24 July.

In his lecture, Professor Liu pointed out that better health and better nutrition led to exponential population growth after the Industrial Revolution.
Consequently, we witnessed a sharp increase in demand for natural resources, leading to lasting changes to the global environment, driving the planet into a new geological epoch, the Anthropocene, in which many of the Earth system processes are now dominated by human activities, he said.
Professor Liu also discussed in his talk “Future Earth”, a global platform for international research collaboration on changes to the global environment and sustainable development.
This solutions-oriented initiative aims to generate knowledge that will contribute to new and sustainable ways of doing things.
Professor Liu is the Distinguished Scholar at Academia Sinica and the KT Li Distinguished Chair Professor at the National Central University in Taiwan.
He is a radio engineer/scientist and an international leader in solar terrestrial physics and remote sensing research.
Since the mid-90’s, he and his interdisciplinary group of scientists have been carrying out global change and sustainability research in Taiwan, establishing Taiwan as a regional leader in this field.


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