Beijing and Hangzhou alumni celebrate CityU’s 30th anniversary

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140528-1_dinner_L.jpg More than 100 alumni, University representatives and guests enjoyed a delightful evening at a festive banquet titled “CityU 30th Anniversary Alumni Reunion @ Beijing” organised by the Alumni Relations Office on 17 May.
Before the reunion dinner, alumni joined a guided tour at the Beijing Air and Space Museum and attended the CityU Beijing Liaison Office Opening Ceremony.
140528-1_dinner_L.jpg University representatives joining the banquet included Professor Way Kuo, CityU President and University Distinguished Professor; Professor Roderick Wong Sue-cheun, Vice-President (Development and External Relations); Professor Lu Jian, Vice-President (Research and Technology); Professor Matthew Lee Kwok-on, Director of Communications and Public Relations and University Spokesperson; Ms Kathy Chan Yin-ling, Associate Vice-President (Alumni Relations), representing the organiser; Dr David Cheng Xing, Associate Vice-President (Mainland and External Affairs); Mr Clovis Lau Koong-yep, Chairman of the CityU Convocation; and the Organising Committee of the CityU Beijing Alumni Association (OCBAA). The CityU Convocation was the event partner and OCBAA was the supporting unit.
Professor Kuo presented the latest developments and recent academic achievements of the University and he thanked the alumni for their staunch support over the years. Together with other guests, Professor Kuo officiated at the cake-cutting and toasting ceremony, inviting all participants to toast the 30th anniversary of the University. At the dinner, there was a Chinese music performance by students from Beihang University plus sharing sessions by alumni leaders, games and a lucky draw.
Mr Wilson Chung, Convenor of the CityU Beijing Alumni Association that was officially established on that day, explained the mission and future development of the association. He presented souvenirs to University representatives and encouraged alumni to actively take part in activities organised by the University and the association.
CityU’s alumni network continues to expand. Besides the reunion dinner in Beijing, the Alumni Relations Office held another activity, “CityU Alumni Reunion @ Hangzhou”, on 18 May, which aligned well with Professor Kuo’s lecture at Zhejiang University on 19 May.

The reunion dinner in Hangzhou started with a music performance titled “Dance of the Yao People” by students of Zhejiang University. Professor Kuo briefed alumni on the recent developments and achievements of the University, and toasted CityU’s 30th anniversary with all participants. Professor Wong encouraged alumni to visit the alma mater by joining the “CityU Homecoming Gala” which is being organised by the Alumni Relations Office for 30 November 2014. On that day, the 30th anniversary closing ceremony will be held.
Professor Horace Ip Ho-shing, Vice-President (Student Affairs); Ms Kathy Chan Yin-ling, Associate Vice-President (Alumni Relations), representing the organiser and Dr David Cheng Xing, Associate Vice-President (Mainland and External Affairs), were also University representatives attending the dinner.
With more than 3,600 alumni now living in the mainland, CityU’s alumni networks are developing steadily. With the assistance of alumni ambassadors in different cities, the Alumni Relations Office is able to help more alumni to connect with their alma mater and strengthen their ties with the University.


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