Pro-Chancellor of CityU shares secrets of success with MBA students

Mavis Wong

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Dr Norman Leung Nai-pang, Pro-Chancellor of City University of Hong Kong (CityU), shared his valuable experience and insights about management in the first talk at the MBA Executive Discovery and Network on 29 October. Organised by CityU’s College of Business. The talk attracted about  90 MBA students.

“The future is in your hands,” Dr Leung told the students. “As long as you work hard and have confidence in yourselves, you will be able to achieve your goals. Do not undertake unrealistic dreams or look for shortcuts to success. Instead, you should formulate a plan and define a clear objective. Then, work according to your plan step by step without fear of setback or difficulty. You will enjoy your final success.”
Dr Leung started his career as a waiter in a hotel, but he studied hard after work and acquired the professional qualification to practice as a lawyer. He then worked successfully in various fields including transportation, finance and broadcasting. At the same time, he actively took part in public services and served as the Commissioner of Civil Aid Service and the Chairman of the Broadcasting Authority.
After working for many years, he felt that interest in work was far more important than monetary return, and that it was possible to learn a selection of skills from any job. For example, as a lawyer, he learned how to analyse an issue objectively. As the Commissioner of Civil Aid Service, he improved his management skills and acquired the skills to communicate with people at different levels in different industries.
Regarding tips for managing a large corporation, Dr Leung suggested setting up a complete and effective organisation structure, knowing the strengths of each individual staff and assigning appropriate tasks to the right persons.
In addition, senior management should uphold the principle of 3Fs, that is, to be “Friendly, Fair and Firm” with staff. “Senior management should not think too highly about themselves, but should put themselves in the shoes of others. Effective management can only be achieved if other people’s perspectives are taken into account, especially their subordinates,” he said.
After having served in various posts at CityU, first as a Council member and then Chairman and now Pro-Chancellor, Dr Leung has a deep affection for the University. He especially took pride in helping the University to establish the School of Law and the School of Creative Media.
When facing tough challenges, Dr Leung is never daunted. He understands that setbacks are inevitable and problems can be solved by following the advice of Buddhist Master Sheng: when suffering a setback, “Face it, accept it, deal with it, and put it down”.
“Every day is a new day. We should put behind setbacks and frustrations of yesterday and start a new day for today,” he said.
Dr Leung is a successful entrepreneur, yet he does not forget his family and relatives. He reminded students to care about their families. “I am most grateful to my mother and wife. My mother’s hard work and perseverance encouraged me to strive for my goals. My wife has taken good care of the family, allowing me to concentrate on my career with no worries. For my daughter and my brothers and sisters, I keep a very close relationship with them." 


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