SCM students’ new approach to art

Christina Wu

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Nine artworks exhibiting at the Run Run Shaw Creative Media Centre from 2 to 25 August showcase the talents of the students and graduates of the Master of Fine Arts in Creative Media introduced by the School of Creative Media (SCM) at City University of Hong Kong.
The exhibition’s French title Bricolage refers to works produced from a diverse range of readymade objects, in both physical and virtual forms.
SCM students and graduates take the Bricolage approach to their artistic creations, including an image of the Clock Tower in Tsim Sha Tsui, mixed media work created under self-hypnosis, reflections on the 1967 Leftist Riots, and the Chinese board game Go containing both playful and sonic elements.
Their works are presented in a variety of media formats such as animation, photography, video, sound installation and performance, and interactive art, among others.


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