Naming ceremony expresses deep family affection

Yvonne Lee

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Multi-function Hall A of the Student Residence has  been named Moon Chun Multi-function Hall in memory of Ms Lam Moon-chun, the late wife of Dr Chan Sui-kau, at a ceremony on 30 May at City University of Hong Kong (CityU).
The naming ceremony also recognised Dr Chan’s longstanding support for the University and contributions to society over the years.
Dr Chan, a much-respected business leader and philanthropist in the local textile industry, is the founder of Yangtzekiang Garment Ltd. He has made significant contributions to the development of the industry and education in Hong Kong and the mainland, benefiting many students over the years.
Enthusiastic about CityU’s development, he has made generous donations and offered valuable advice, too. He actively takes part in meetings with students, encouraging them to explore knowledge and offering them advice on their future careers.
The University named Hall 5 of the Student Residence as Chan Sui Kau Hall in 2006 and conferred an Honorary Doctor of Social Science degree on Dr Chan in 2007 in appreciation of his contributions to CityU and the local education sector.
Professor Way Kuo
, CityU President, said in his speech at the ceremony that CityU had been working hard on new initiatives and developing new courses to help students unleash their potential through holistic learning opportunities in our new 4-year Discovery-enriched Curriculum. In addition, the Univeristy had introduced many long-term plans to support teaching and learning, and these plans needed the support of the local community.
“We are very grateful for the staunch support given by Dr Chan and his family over the years,” Ptofessor Kuo said.
Dr Chan said in his speech that he strongly supported CityU’s education philosophy and its commitment to holistic education.
“Guided by the belief that we should all give back to society, I hope to do what I can by making donations to CityU for the advancement of the University and Hong Kong’s tertiary education,” he said.
Dr Chan and Ms Lam, good friends since childhood, married in Macau in 1944. They deeply loved and respected each other in a marriage that lasted more than 60 years. The naming of the Moon Chun Multi-function Hall is especially meaningful because the hall is located in the heart of the Student Residence, opposite to Chan Sui Kau Hall.
“The naming arrangement today was made in accordance with Dr Chan’s wish to express his loving memory of his wife,” said Professor Roderick Wong Sue-chuen, Vice-President (Development & External Relations).

The Moon Chun Multi-function Hall is an ideal venue for organising activities for local and non-local students, such as international cultural gatherings, high-table dinners, seminars and sports games. Through these activities, students can exchange views and learn from each other, helping them to enhance their social and leadership skills, and enabling them to experience a rich university life.


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