CityU commended by UGC Quality Assurance Council for quality of teaching and learning

Ida Leung

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City University of Hong Kong (CityU) welcomes the 2010 Report of a Quality Audit of City University of Hong Kong issued by the Quality Assurance Council (QAC) of the University Grants Committee (UGC) on 30 November. We are delighted that the report has commended the high quality of CityU’s education and affirmed the University’s proactive approach to quality assurance.

“Responsibility for students’ learning lies at the very core of CityU’s mission and academic duty. We are particularly encouraged that the QAC report has commended CityU for providing students with a transformative educational experience which successfully develops their capabilities to prepare them for professional practice in their future careers,” said Professor Way Kuo, University President.

The University has received eight commendations and nine affirmations from the QAC in its report. They are an important validation of CityU’s achievements in professional education.

QAC commendations

The QAC affirms the University’s emphasis on teaching and learning, and the recognition that it places on innovation in education. This is consistent with CityU’s educational philosophy that scholarship and discovery are essential ingredients for quality education.

The QAC also commends CityU for its positive integration of non-local students on campus, the high quality of the supervision and management of PhD candidature, and the University’s pioneering efforts in establishing an evidence-based culture to enhance policy development.

“We wish to express our appreciation to the QAC Chair, members, and the UGC Audit Coordinator for their professional and rigorous approach to the conduct and reporting of this audit exercise. Our success is a direct result of the dedication and outstanding team performance of all members of the University,” Professor Kuo emphasised.

“We will carefully review the QAC’s recommendations to pursue further quality improvement. We will continue our efforts in curriculum innovation to excite and inspire our students. At CityU, we are committed to interweaving excellence in research and scholarship with our responsibilities to educating our students,” Professor Kuo said.

Looking to the future

CityU will continue to enhance its professional education by offering forward-looking academic programmes and supporting innovative problem-driven research to respond to new opportunities and to address emerging societal needs in Hong Kong and beyond.

At CityU, the emphasis of our education is to encourage and train our students to become competent professionals equipped with the skills for discovery, innovation and entrepreneurship. The School of Energy and Environment, for example, the first of its kind in Hong Kong and one of the few in the region, is spearheading teaching and research that tackle two of the most pressing global issues of our time. The new Applied Laboratory for Interactive Visualisation and Embodiment (ALiVE), also a first in Hong Kong, is an imaginative incubator for interdisciplinary research and a showcase for innovation in creative media. With the opening of the Run Run Shaw Creative Media Centre and the CityU (Shenzhen) Research Institute Building, CityU will be equipped with more state-of-the-art facilities to enhance its teaching, learning, research and technology transfer activities.

We will further enrich our students’ educational experience and preparation for professional practice. We will be offering students more opportunities for internship and international exposure, such as competing in major competitions and increasing the proportion of outgoing exchange students to 50%. At CityU, promoting student success is the first principle of our academic mission.

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