Orientation Sculpture symbolises collective memories of CityU

Jo Kam


To welcome new students, members of City University of Hong Kong (CityU) donated hundreds of personal memorabilia items, which were encased in wax and incorporated into a large, colourful sculpture by international artist Ms Tan Yuk-king. The installation will become a permanent exhibit on campus.

A ceremony to present the sculpture was held at the University Concourse

on 19 ugust, attended by Ms Tan, Professor Way Kuo, University President, Mr Patrick Lee Chung-wah, Chairman of CityU Convocation, and Mr Andy Chu Ka-kit, President of the Students’ Union. This special welcome to our new students illustrates the rich seam of creativity present at CityU.

“It is a very meaningful sculpture to all of us as it embodies our affection towards the University. Just like our teachers and students, I am looking forward to meeting our freshmen and joining hands with them to craft more beautiful and unforgettable University memories,” said Professor Kuo during the ceremony.

Among the donors is Mr Patrick Lee who donated a police officer cap that represented his career. He said through sheer hard work from CityU staff, alumni and students, the potential of CityU students could be maximised, leading them towards the road to success.

Donating an orientation T-shirt, Mr Andy Chu pointed out the value of this annual event in welcoming new students to the CityU family.

Dr Wong Shek-pui, Instructor of the Department of Building and Construction and the master of ceremonies, earned his bachelor, master and doctorate degrees at CityU. To represent both his personal journey and that of the University, Dr Wong donated a display board that contained his bachelor graduation photo and a photo of himself serving as the hall tutor.

Dr Ruth Yee Wing-yu, Associate Director of Student Development Services, was responsible for organising

the orientation sculpture. “It is very touching to see our university members’ overwhelming support for this event, as it shows we all have a deep sense of belonging to CityU. I hope this sense of affection can be passed on to newcomers year after year.”

Ms Tan was honoured to create the sculpture for CityU. “It was very challenging as it was the first time I had made an installation artwork for a tertiary institute. The memorabilia items were first encased in wax and then incorporated into a large sculpture to symbolise the growth of, and intimate relationship between, the University and the students,” said Ms Tan.

Woo Ling-ling, Chan Kwun-yee and Fung Ming-chu, three graduates of the School of Creative Media, not only donated items but also helped Ms Tan create the sculpture. “My graduation is definitely

embellished through my participation in creating this sculpture. It is especially meaningful because it will be a permanent exhibit,” said Chan Kwun-yee.

After the ceremony, officiating guests, items donors, departmental representatives and student society members wrote their reflections or welcoming words for new students on decorated pillars that adorned the campus.


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