New strategy enhances student employability

Sharon Ng

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Career Launch, a programme organised by the Career and Internship Office (CAIO) to introduce a series of activities to help students prepare for the job market, kicked off on 15 July with the Workshop on Professional Image, Business Etiquette and Mock Interview.

Fronted by public relations consultant Ms Mary Cheung, the workshop is the first event staged for Career Launch, which enhances student employability through three pre-determined Career Smart milestones.

Of the three milestones, the first is to help students identify career goals; secondly, assist them to strengthen their required skills, and thirdly, teach them to create opportunities for themselves. Through organising seminars, workshops and mock exams, CAIO will ensure students are best equipped to enter the job market.

“Nowadays, companies not only consider the academic credentials of the candidates but also their qualities such as personality,” said Ms Cecilia Kwok Sau-fong, Director of CAIO. She cited as an example a case where shortlisted candidates were required to attend a cocktail party held by a logistics company, during which their etiquette and the way in which they communicated with others was observed. “As the industry sector has evolved, the need to meet clients and communicate with different departments is now essential. Professional image and business etiquette have become increasingly important,” Ms Kwok said.

“First impressions are of utmost importance at an interview, irrespective of your professional standing within your industry,” said Ms Cheung.

Students attending the workshop benefited greatly from the many examples and tips she provided on developing a professional outlook and sound social skills. Professor Lilian Vrijmoed Kwan Lee-ping also attended the workshop in support of the programme.

CAIO plans to launch a series of activities under the Career Launch banner. Other workshops and seminars, such as the AO/EO Search and Assessment Centre Series, have also been introduced this year to help students create opportunities for themselves.

Ms Kwok added that many people placed too much emphasis on making money before eventually realising that what they actually wanted to pursue was something else altogether.

“We help students start their career planning as soon as they arrive at the university, so they have adequate time to equip themselves with the skills and knowledge required,” Ms Kwok said.


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