General Education course series

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From semester B 2007-08 at City University of Hong Kong, the first phase of the introduction of General Education (GE) will see students choosing from six GE courses offered in conjunction with the out-of-discipline (OOD) courses. The gearing-up phase, from 2009 to 2012, will see OOD courses phased out and an estimated 40 GE courses gradually introduced.

The GE courses described in the story links below focus on three divisional areas of study, namely Arts and Humanities; Study of Societies, Social and Business Organisation; and Science and Technology. Students are required to take a minimum of three credit units from courses in each of these three areas.

l GE1101: Chinese Cultural Heritage in Modern Perspective

l GE1102: Cinema: East and West

l GE1201: Information Management and its Social Impact

l GE2101: Rational Thinking and Creative Ideas

l GE2201: Identity and Citizenship in a Globalised World

l GE2301: Science and Technology: From Past to Future


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