Parents' Day at CityU helps families prepare for their children's university education

Joanne Wong

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Almost 400 parents, career masters and members of parents and teachers associations from local secondary schools participated in the "Parents' Day at CityU" hosted by City University of Hong Kong (CityU) on 27 September at the Wei Hing Theatre.

Organized by the Community Relations Committee (CRC) of the University Council, the event aimed to promote understanding and communication among schools, parents and CityU and to help parents prepare themselves on how to finance their children's university education and communicate effectively with their teenaged children.

Dr Dennis Sun Tai-lun, Chairman of CRC, thanked all participants for their attendance in his welcome remarks at the start of the event. As he introduced the role that CRC played for the University, he said, "to provide students with quality education and give them our caring concern has been the long-standing commitment of the University. The university-wide support rendered by our management, professors and department representatives to this event demonstrates how much we care and value our relations with students' parents. We hope to capitalize on this opportunity to foster our communications and

relations with parents and to enhance your understanding of the University, and its mission, objective and direction of development."

Acting president, Professor Richard Ho Yan-ki, gave the audience a thorough introduction to CityU's different courses and various scholarship schemes on offer, as well as its strengths and competitive edge. Professor Ho said, "CityU aspires to become a globalized university of world-class standard in the Asia-Pacific region. We achieved a surge in the world's university rankings. We endeavour to provide our students with professional education, practical courses and applied research opportunities to enable them to become well-educated professionals. The University also gives its support and encouragement to outstanding students by offering a wide range of scholarships and ample overseas internship opportunities."

"CityU is a large and well-established educational institution with more than 1,000 quality teaching staff, of which about 44% are non-locals coming from all over the

world and teaching in English. Their presence creates an internationalized study environment ideal for our students to improve their English language ability and enhance their competitiveness in a globalized world," Professor Ho said.

The other two speakers at the event, namely Dr Chan Yan-chong, Associate Professor of the Department of Management Sciences; and Dr Wong Sing-wing, Associate Professor of the Department of Applied Social Studies, shared with the participants their expertise and experience in investment and wealth management and effective communication with teenagers, respectively.

Two outstanding graduates of CityU, Messrs Fred Wu Wan-fat and Felix Ng Lok-hang, also talked at the event on how the education they received at CityU paved their way to success. Fred, a graduate of Computer Engineering in 2005 is now an assistant manager of a Japanese multinational corporation. Felix, who aspires to become a solicitor, graduated from the School of Law in 2006 and received his master's degree from Oxford University this summer. He is now pursuing his PCLL studies at CityU. Both young men have excelled in their studies and career development.

During the Q&A session, many eager parents asked questions about the University, investment and parenting matters. They also took every chance to talk to the speakers during the light buffet dinner after the seminar.

About 20 CityU representatives from the management and various faculties and departments attended the event to offer their support, including Professor Paul Lam Kwan-sing, Acting Vice President of Undergraduate Education; Dr Ellen Ko Law Yin-lan, Vice President of Administration; Professor Lilian Vrijmoed Kwan Lee-ping, Dean of Student Learning; Dr Emily Cheng K C, Director of Admissions Office; Ms Kathy Chan Yin-ling, Director of Development and Alumni Relations Office; Professor Yang Tong, Associate Dean of Faculty of Science and Engineering ; and Dr Alice Chong Ming-lin, Associate Dean of Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences.


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