CityU discusses university developments with community leaders

Zoey Tsang

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City University of Hong Kong (CityU) planned for a number of large-scale university and campus development projects to create an internationalized campus and to cope with the challenges of the 4-year degree structure. In order to communicate with community leaders on CityU’s developments and solicit their suggestions and comments on the projects, Community Relations Committee (CRC) under the University Council called for a second meeting of the year on 6 September.

The theme of the meeting was “University and campus development - all geared up for the big challenges”. Over 40 guests attended the meeting. They included representatives from Legco, district council and media organizations, such as Legco member Ms Emily Lau Wai-hing, Sham Shui Po District Council Chairman Mr Tam Kwok Kiu and heads of various media organizations. A number of secondary school principals and teachers, leading commentators and over ten CRC members were also present at the meeting.

, President of CityU, expressed his thanks to the community for their support to the university and their recognition, which made it possible for CityU to evolve from an era of thriving growth to steady development in the last twenty years. Professor Chang predicted that, by 2009, CityU would be ready to face the challenges posed by the 4-year degree structure with an internationalized and expanded campus, and reformed curriculum. He also said that CityU would keep up its work and uphold the university’s mission in providing a high quality education environment.

Dr Dennis Sun, Chairman of CRC, invited guests to comment on CityU’s present situation and future development, as well as exploring how CityU’s campus development could help enhance the image of the community where the University is located.

Mr Arthur Leung of Campus Planning Office outlined five key items in the overall campus development plan in the coming few years. These items include the uniquely designed multi-media building which will be the base for creative

media teaching and research, the new academic and administration building which will cope with the demands from the increase of student number and campus activities, the phase four student residence which will help promote whole-person education, as well as the new Community College of CityU and CityU (Shenzhen) Research Institute buildings.

Guests were deeply interested in discussing various CityU development projects during the meeting and expressed concerns about the projects’ impact on the campus environment. Mr Leung reassured them that CityU would minimize the impact of campus development projects on the existing natural environment, at the same time creating more green areas in the newly developed establishments.

Commenting on the hot topic of shortage of residence vacancies for students, Mr Leung emphasized that life at the students residence was an integral part of whole-person education. Apart from building more residences, the University would also encourage students to move into student residences so that each student would live in student hostels at least one year during their 3-year study in the University. Apart from the issues discussed above, attending guests also raised a number of constructive suggestions regarding CityU’s future development.


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