Memorandum signed to promote cooperation between CityU & Fujian Province Personnel Bureau

Shuyee Chen

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of Hong Kong signed a memorandum of understanding on 16 November that will initiate closer personnel cooperation from 2006 to 2010 with Fujian Province Personnel Bureau.  



Both parties have agreed to strengthen cooperation in such areas as personnel development and training, technology transfer and information resources, under the guiding principles of seeking out opportunities, supplementing advantages, proceeding with focus, and working for a win-win situation. 


Professor H K Chang, CityU President, said the University had a wealth of professional knowledge in modern personnel management, financial management, property and administration management, and e-office, which could be shared with mainland institutions.  


“In addition, by means of further cooperation, we can enhance the reputation of our University in our neighbouring province, Fujian,” he said. 


Professor Chang and Mr Lu Zhihua, the Director of the Bureau, were the signatories on the memorandum. After signing, Mr Lu said: “As an educational institution specializing in personnel nurturing and training, CityU clearly enjoys many advantages.” 


He said the next stage of Fujian’s economic development meant training people in a great many fields, including urban construction, financial construction, management and administration, to name a few.  


“We believe further cooperation with CityU will help our economic development reach its ultimate objectives,” he said. 


Currently, 23 Fujian officials and cadres led by Mr Lu are taking a human resource development and management training programme through the CityU Professional Development Centre in Hong Kong from 14 to 21 November.  


The programme is aimed at introducing modern concepts of public administration and human resource management and promoting overall management standards within the context of society and culture on the mainland.


 “Apart from personnel training, the Bureau also hopes to develop close cooperation with us in areas such as personnel and academic exchange,” said Professor Y S Wong, CityU’s Vice-President (Administration).  


“They are also very interested in exploring opportunities for technology transfer,” he added.




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