CCCU to launch Hong Kong's first Korean communication AD programme

Fanny Ho

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From the 2005/06 academic year, the Division of Language Studies of the Community College of City University will launch Hong Kong’s first Associate of Arts in Bilingual Communication Studies (Korean & Chinese / Korean & English) programme. This new programme aims to provide students with a strong foundation in Korean language and contemporary cultural knowledge for professional purposes, including an understanding of Korean business culture for application in the work environment, or for further study.


The programme focuses on mediation between Korean & Chinese / Korean & English, in order to provide students with practical communication skills much in demand in the community. These skills are underpinned by training students through desktop publishing and the internet—communication technology, an essential feature of today’s workplace.


“The Korean component in the programme provides a strong foundation, enabling students to acquire an appropriate level of proficiency in spoken and written Korean.  In addition to receiving practical training in the Korean language, the students will become familiar with Korean culture and society,” Ms Kang Kim Hyewon, Deputy Programme Leader and Lecturer of the Division of Language Studies, said.  In addition to the articulation arrangements that have been made with overseas universities in Australia and the United Kingdom, the Division is actively establishing arrangements with Kyung Hee University and Yonsei University in South Korea.


“Our Associate of Arts in Bilingual Communication Studies programme provides options with different language combinations, developing from and drawing on the Division’s existing strengths,” said Ms Wanda Lau, Acting Head of the Division of Language Studies.  “In addition to English, Putonghua, Japanese and French, we have offered Korean courses as electives since 2001, and have developed expertise in the teaching of Korean not only for general proficiency, but also for business communication and tourism purposes.” CityU is among the first universities in Hong Kong to offer elective Korean courses. The Division of Language Studies has been offering Korean courses as electives to over 450 students each year in the University, across disciplines and levels of programmes.


The Division also has an excellent relationship with the Korean community here. Sharing his view on the career prospects of Korean language graduates, Mr Lee Myun Gwan, Chairman of the Korean Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong, said, “More than 700 Korean firms operate in Hong Kong. Many multinationals with branches in the region need employees who can communicate in Korean. Great employment opportunities in information technology, creative media, trading and tourism would be available to graduates of this bilingual communications programme.”


Many students at CityU who demonstrated excellence in their Korean electives have been awarded scholarships to attend a summer intensive Korean language programme at KyungHeeUniversity in South Korea for the past few years. Among them are: Mr Pan Fuqing, Mr Yip Shing-hong, Mr Yip Shing-hei and Ms Karen Yip Yuk-shan.


Mr Pan Fuqing is a third-year mainland student in CityU’s Department of Chinese, Translation and Linguistics. He says students can learn practical oral and written Korean efficiently at CityU with its creative teaching and learning environment. 


Twin brothers, Mr Yip Shing-hong and Mr Yip Shing-hei, both of whom graduated in 2002, studied Korean together. To develop a better understanding of Korean culture and language, the Yip brothers travelled to Korea and cultivated friendships there.


Now working in the Hong Kong branch of a Korean advertising media company, Ms Karen Yip Yuk-shan finds it very useful to have studied Korean. She is the only staff who can speak and write Korean in her branch and, therefore, is responsible for communicating with headquarters.


The Associate of Arts in Bilingual Communication Studies (Korean & Chinese / Korean & English) programme offered by the Division of Language Studies of the Community College of City University is a self-financed programme, operating in two-year full-time, or three-year part-time study modes. Tuition fees for full-time study are HK$45,000 per year. 



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