Campus map revamped

Grace Ho

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The new Campus Map on the CityU homepage will be a convenient tool to help  visitors  find their way to CityU, or to search any specific location, building or facility in the University. Through the joint efforts of the Facilities Management Office (FMO), Campus Planning Office and Enterprise Solutions Unit, the  Campus Map has been revamped into a unified, up-to-date and interactive campus direction enquiry application. In this version, information on selected facilities and buildings is provided in full for search purposes.

The directions to facilities and buildings were prepared by the FMO in line with the physical signage used around campus. The FMO is responsible for maintaining the usefulness of the maps and information by ensuring that they are correct and current.

Departments can refer to the user-friendly Map to guide visitors around CityU for conferences, seminars and other activities. To provide more appropriate information for searches to departments, a facility will be made available for departments to include and maintain specific directional instructions for getting to their respective department offices.


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